page_1Able Tool reinvented itself in 2012 by embracing better employee communication, a new image and improved efficiency.  The result was a 5.2 percent increasing in gross profit vs. the prior year and the metalworking job shop is on track for higher growth moving forward.  “We have happier employees, a cleaner shop, improved productivity, higher sales and higher profits,” says Paul Hayes, President of the woman-owned company.

Before the change, he says, Able’s culture, like a lot of small companies, was one of reaction instead of action.

In January 2012, the company embarked on a 10-month continuous improvement effort thru TechSolve in Bond Hill.  The program engaged employees in data-based decisions that improved communication, invested in new technology and reorganized and streamlined operations.  Leadership went to the plant floor seeking employee ideas, and a metric-driven bonus system now rewards employees for efficiency, quality and on-time delivery.